The Italian Obsession

Coffee set

Politecnico di Milano, Studio Novembre and Hp

Francesca Pucciarini, 
Martina Carraro and Gian Luca Silvestrini


The Italian Obsession is born during the Workshop “Hp Reinvent Obsession”, collaboration between the Polytechnic of Milan, Hp and Studio Novembre. The goal was to develop a series of objects as a possible product range expansion in line with the new notebook Hp Spectre. The project, created in collaboration with Martina Carraro and Gian Luca Silverstrini, investigates one of the most characteristic aspects of Italian culture that is also interwoven with the daily work routine, the ritual of espresso. The painted ceramic set has the same colors of the notebook. The plate is covered with a thermochromic paint that reacts to heat of the coffee in the cup, displaying the HP logo. The golden lines of the set recall the golden hinge and the thin lateral edges of the notebook.