freestanding dishwasher

Politecnico di Milano

a concept for Whirpool

in collaboration with Mattia Antonetti


Gradient is a concept designed for Whirpool during the final design course at the Politecnico di Milano. The new dishwasher provides a smart way to program the washing cycles by replacing traditional presets with a set of parameters on which the user can intervene to set the best suited program to his needs. These parameters concern: 1. type of dishes to wash; 2. soil level; 3. relationship between energy/water consumption and washing time. The process helps to reduce waste and to have more control over the appliance performance. 

Gradient is also equipped with a set of tools for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, useful to guarantee a long life cycle to the dishwasher. The inclined interface allows the user a greater visibility and ease of use, while the rounded shapes introduce a new aesthetic in line with the brand.