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Comb and mirror travel set.

Personal work, 2018.

Designed to be a friendly object, a talisman to have always carried, characterized by essential lines and very small dimensions. A simple circle divided in half by two functions, one on each side.

COMBO reproposes two old and common objects, that are present in our shared imaginary, but with a contemporary and playful key. Recalling the toy aesthetics through form, material, and solid color, it tries to create a deep emotional relationship with the user, stimulating his ludic memory. The choice of the material goes precisely in this direction however, it takes into account the indispensable need to produce in a sustainable way indicating the use of recycled plastic, in particular the R-PET (with a matte finish), which guarantees almost unchanged the characteristics of virgin PET and whose application in the field of design was introduced in the past years.

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