Circuito Espresso

Thesis project 

Politecnico di Milano

Product design for innovation A.A. 2016/2017

Supervisor: Prof. Francesco Zurlo, Prof. Vincenzo Cristallo, Prof. Luigi Odello


Centro Studi Assaggiatori

Istituto Internazionale Assaggiatori Caffè (IIAC)

An app service in combination with Enfasi set. Circuito Espresso is a network of producers, roasters, coffee shops and associations that promotes the quality of Italian espresso. Circuito Espresso members undertake to guarantee high certified quality standards, to produce in a sustainable manner and to make their products fully traceable. By using the same tools and image they acquire visibility and identify themselves as promoters of quality in coffee. At the same time the Enfasi cup, becomes the central elements of the network and, combined with a service, a powerful information tool, which is able to guide the user during the tasting moment. Through the app and augmented reality, by framing the logo on the plate the consumer can start a virtual tasting and receive information on the coffee he is drinking at that time in one of the Circuito Espresso coffee shop.
Thanks to the app the user will have a complete overview of the product he is drinking, how to buy it, the places where to find it and he will be able to access a series of resources and contacts to deepen each coffee topic.